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I’m A Disney Nerd and Proud of It

Ever since I started posting A LOT of Disney content on this blog and social media, I’ve been getting questions about why I’m doing all this “Disney Stuff”.

I started writing this last week on my 37th birthday and while I have some trouble putting all my thoughts and feelings on the subject into written words, I’m going to try.

All my life I’ve been the odd person out. 

Misti Michelle Disney Goofy

As a kid I was the freakishly tall, klutzy girl who was always just a step behind everyone else. As a teenager, even within the drama club, I was the odd one. I wore crazy colored outfits, dressed like the Spice Girls, and listened to imported UK/Australian Pop bands.

As an adult I’m the girl who had her desk tricked out in everything Twilight and Harry Potter, spent my hard earned money to see the same movie in the theater multiple times and showed up to work one day with a quote from the book Twilight on my forearm.

The first version of this blog was an entertainment blog. I wanted to share my thoughts and love of all things Twilight, Harry Potter, Disney, etc with the world. Things changed, I changed when I wanted to also start talking about my love of style. At the time, the two did not mix and I pushed my fandom love aside for my love of style and beauty.

I went full steam into the world of fashion and beauty blogging but again I was the odd kid out. I thought at the time it was because I was “late” to the game, didn’t have the right connections, or just didn’t have the right niche.

I was wrong, I wasn’t being my truly authentic self. My true passion was missing.

Misti Michelle Disney Mickey Mouse

It took a 2016 trip to Walt Disney World for me to unlock that piece of puzzle. That trip opened up my eyes to a whole community of people that openly loved Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and so many more fandoms. They embraced the weird, odd people like me.

The Disney community has gotten me out of my funk. I found the passion, energy to start a new blog with my cousins, focusing on our insane love for Mickey & Co.  Most importantly this community has taught me to love my geekiness and weirdness. Everything that I was made fun of for as a kid (and adult) it actually pretty awesome. And all this from people I’ve never met in real life. These are all people I’ve only interacted with on Social Media (see, social media does still do some good).

I may never meet any of these people in real life but I hope I do one day. They don’t know how much they’ve helped me just by being themselves.

As for this blog, well I re-branded two years ago to MistiMichelle for this exact reason, so that this blog can grow with me. It’s all a journey and I am a style and beauty loving Geek who just wants to share with people my passions.

Till then…

Peace, Love, and Disney.

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