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How My Post-Partum Hair Was Saved from the Chopping Block

“I can’t take it anymore!!!!” I text my BFF.

“What?” She replied.

I sent the following picture:

“OMG, what did you do???” She responded.

Yes. I had, in desperation and frustration, taken scissors and cut off a huge lock of my hair that had an unrelenting knot in it.

She wisely told me to stop, put the sheers down, and slowly back away.

I was a crazed Britney Spears on the brink of shaving my head and beating my conditioner with an umbrella. I had tried so many high-end and low-end shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, oils and products that I felt the only thing left to do was start over.

Nobody told me my long, luscious hair was going to suffer an entire structural change with pregnancy. Nobody told me that my already thick hair would transform into a coarse-but-fine, matted, dry, kinky mess with grey hairs sprouting up everywhere! With a newborn, finding time to do my hair was already nanoseconds. Trying to detangle this mess took literally two hours or more. Adding to that, once it was detangled, I would go to part it, and it would tangle itself all over again. I was going insane!

In my frantic state, I took a picture of just one of the many knots I had been trying to brush out for over two hours.

My friend told me to try one more brand before I did any more damage with the scissors. Enter Caviar Repair by Alterna.

First off, the scent is nothing short of divine. I felt sexy as I massaged the sulfate-free shampoo throughout my hair. More often than not, I usually feel like a half-shaved albino bear with stretch marks. But today, I was Kate Upton! Even my fiancé walked by and said, “That stuff smells pretty good!” Smelling good is always a plus when you are around your fiancé (hey, I still am trying to get hitched here), and let’s face it — I usually smell like spit-up and butt paste these days.

I could tell my strands were soaking up the proteins in the shampoo by how my hair didn’t dry out during the wash. Next up was the paraben-free conditioner. Unlike the other conditioners I tried, this one immediately made my hair feel soft in the shower. Other conditioners made my hair feel moisturized but still coarse. Rinsing out this conditioner, I was actually able to detangle some of my hair with my fingers. For me and the state of my hair, that was huge!

Once my hair was towel-dried, I decided to go all out and I put the elixir, oil, and leave-in-conditioner throughout my hair. I braced myself as I picked up my hairbrush. This was always the worst part. I squinted as I made my first stroke at the end of my hair. The brush went through pretty easily. Could this be?! I was able to brush through my hair and detangle it within 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!! That is the fastest I have been able to do that in over four months!

I let my hair air dry and my waves looked nice and polished. A couple days later, I repeated the routine but this time I used the blow-dryer and a curling iron. The result? Gorgeous, silky, healthy hair.

This is the look with just letting it air dry with a braid:

I can’t tell you how good it feels to not hate my hair anymore. I should also note I was not paid to write this review. This stuff just works. If you’re at your wit’s end with your hair, I highly recommend trying this product line.

At the time of publication, I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and it is still nothing short of a miracle! I am hooked!

Alterna, you saved my hair, and my sanity. And this sexy mom is forever grateful!

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