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Halloween DIY: Quick & Easy Medieval Princess

Halloween is tomorrow people and if you are still looking for a costume, well then you’re in luck as I’m about to give you a quick and easy, 5 step Medieval Princess look that will make your All Hallows Eve ready. All you’ll need is a white dress, long blonde (or white) wig and a crown.

1.      Cleanse and hydrate skin to create the perfect base.  Apply Simple® Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water to NEW Q-tips® Beauty Round and gently wipe all around the face without rubbing the skin. No need to rinse after!

2.      Apply a pale shade of foundation to your face and neck and set with a translucent powder.

3.      Sweep a taupe color eyeshadow to add drama to your eyes and contour your cheeks for a bold medieval look.

4.      Next, achieve a royal glow by dipping a Q-tips® Cotton Swab in a powder highlighter and apply to the top of your cheeks, bridge of the nose and above the eyebrows.

5.      Finish with a matte lipstick, false lashes and a long blonde wig so you can rule the night!

Once the party is over and before you gorge yourself on candy and tuck in for some beauty rest, take your makeup off with NEW Simple® Skincare Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes. Gently wipe over eyelids, face, neck and lips. Hold the wipe over stubborn areas for a few seconds before wiping.

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