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Get Your Ears On

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Get Your Ears On DisneyBound

In case you haven’t heard yet, there is a BIG celebration going on in Disney Parks to celebrate Mickey and Minnie’s 90th. There are new parades, new outfits for our Disney power couple, and even a catchy new song!

Plus, if you head over to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Minnie has join her main squeeze Mickey at his official meet & greet! This had me all excited! I mean I love meeting characters in general, but to get to meet Mickey and Minnie together, what a time to be alive.

Misti, Mickey & Minnie l Get Your Ears On

Dress: ModCloth (Similar here) // Ears: Disney Parks // Shoes: KEDs

Now, I’m not gonna sugar coat this, I spent a stupid amount of time looking for the perfect outfit. I knew I wanted to a DisneyBound around Minnie’s celebration dress since we all know our Queen rocks a good dot.

Misti & Minnie l Get Your Ears On

Turns out, if you are over the age of 12, finding a white, rainbow polka dot dress or skirt is damn near impossible. Unless you have the skill and talent to sew the look yourself, which I do not. This meant I was at the mercy of retailers.

Get Your Ears On DisneyBound

I found the perfect dress over on ModCloth. This black, rainbow polka dot dress actually matched the official “Rock the Dot” Minnie Ears. Since my dress was bold, my favorite pair of leather slip-ons from KEDs finished my look.

Misti, Mickey & Minnie l Get Your Ears On

To say I loved how this look turned out is an understatement. Everyone from guests to Cast Members loved it. But the real seal of approval came from Minnie herself!

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