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Get Tina Fey’s Golden Globes Look

Last night Tina Fey rocked one just one but three different looks while co-hosting the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards.  One the red carpet she donned a custom Carolina HerreraBrian Atwood shoes & Fred Leighton jewelry and kept her hair glamorous but simple.  Throughout the night with each outfit change Tina also changed up her hair style thanks to the help of celebrity hairstylist Richard Marin of CloutierRemix.

“I had three looks to accomplish in one evening and on live TV. The layering of the products on Tina’s hair worked beautifully and let me achieve the styles and textures I needed to create.”

Click through the gallery to see all of Tina’s looks + tips from Richard on how you can get these red carpet worthy styles at home. [portfolio_slideshow size=large autoplay=false random=false centered=true carousel=true navstyle=graphical navpos=top pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=top]

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