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Entering the Lap of Luxury #TreatYoSelf

Twice a year I follow the sound advice of Retta (“Parks & Rec”) to “Treat Yo Self”. If you’ve never heard of the concept it’s quite simple, you treat yourself to something nice whether it’s a spa day, a nice haircut, or in my case a shiny new handbag. My “treat yo self” days are Christmas and my birthday. These are the times I usually dig out that credit card or dip into the savings, however I usually always had a few rules: no more than $400 and it had to be style/color I don’t already own. But seeing as it’s a new year I decided to break rule #1.


My Christmas “treat yo self” shopping trip actually took place on New Year’s Day and I decided to break my tradition and instead of hitting up DKNY I decided to check out Nordstrom. When I lived in Denver Nordstrom was my favorite department store to shop at and since we don’t yet have on in NYC, I used the fact that I was still in the D.C. area to swing by the Tyson’s Corner location.

Walking in all I knew was that I was going to shop outside of my comfort zone. I walked right past the Kate Spade’s, Calvin’s and Kor’s sections and went to the other side of the aisle. The side where the price tags are hidden and bags are locked up tight, I’m talking about the high end designer section. I was now in the land of Valentino, Chloé, Fendi, etc. Now while I might be breaking rule #1, I still wasn’t going to go all balls to the wall crazy and wanted to try to keep it under $1,000. This is how I found myself in the Burberry section.


Burberry is a design house that is on my fashion bucket list (yes, I have a designer bucket list). As I browsed through the somewhat limited selection my hopes kinda fell, so far everything was either over the $1K mark or broke rule #2 (style/color). Then my cousin found something, a cute “exploded check” tote that was unlike anything I already owned AND well under the price limit. It was like the sun shone down on me.

My burberry sunnies found a perfect companion!

My Burberry sunnies found a perfect companion!

As I did the bag try-on to make sure this was a style I truly loved, it clicked, this was my first REAL high-end designer purchase. Sure I own loads from DKNY and a few things from MICHAEL Michael Kors, but this was Burberry, a fashion house that has been around since World War I. A house that I usually get up early so I can watch the live streams of the LFW runway shows. I could finally cross BURBERRY off my list.

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