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Edna Mode Approved!

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Misti Michelle l Hollywood Studios

When word came out that not only was Pixar Place getting re-imagined into the city of Municiberg (i.e. home to The Incredibles) but that it would also include a official Edna Mode meet & greet. Well I knew that I needed a outfit that only one Edna E. Mode would approved of.

And naturally that meant NO CAPES!

Before I delve into my look details, lets talk about the updated Pixar Place Municiberg. Once again the Disney imagineers have done above and beyond here. We have the already mentioned Edna meet & greet area, two fun new “walls” that are all Instagram ready, and oh and Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums! That’s right, the infamous cookie from DCA’s Pixar Pier have made their way east to the new Neighborhood Bakery and we couldn’t be happier. Oh there are also so new themed drinks like the Secret Identity which is super yummy.

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num - Hollywood Studios

Then there is the full interactive dance party that feature citizens of Municiberg as well as Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone!

Now let’s talk about Ms. Mode darlings. This all important designer to the Supers has her own fabulous meet & greet area. One that is full of most famous quotes and her “super” designs.

An Incredible Celebration - Hollywood Studios

As for me and what one wears to meet one of THE most influential designers, well I went chic causal. I took the oh so perfect Gucci inspired “No Capes” shirt from The Lost Bros and paired it with a pair of faux-leather leggings, a suede like jacket and white Keds (one of my go-to park shoes).

Edna Mode - Hollywood Studios

Needless to say, my look was fully Edna approved.

If you want to meet Edna Mode and experience Municiberg at Pixar Place you’ll have till September 30th before the Supers all go back into hiding.

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