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DIY ~ Learn How to Get Jennifer Morrison’s Crown Braid

One thing I miss about giving up my long locks is being able to do a sweet braid, and by “do” I mean head over to a local braid bar and have them do it for me 😉 Well know, thanks to the folks over at Beauty Coach, you can learn how to copy Once Upon A Time actress Jennifer Morrison signature crown braid at home.


To Prep the hair: work on dry hair is best and use a dry texture spray and lightly tease the hair all over to create a nice thicker disheveled texture.

1. If you know how to French braid, you’re already half way there. Behind your ear, start a French braid that will wrap around your entire head! Continue braiding across the nape of your neck and then to your other ear. Finish braiding at the top of your head for a thick top braid. Once everything is pinned into place, spread out each piece for a thicker braid and more texture!

If you struggle with French braiding, use this simple alternative!

2. First, part your hair down the middle and secure two pig tails using clear rubber bands. Then, braid each pig tail and secure once again. To get your crown, simply cross both pigtails across the top of your head and bobby pin into place. Once secure, CUT out the rubber bands that were holding the original ponytails. To complete your look, spread each piece to create a thicker, messier style! Then lock it in with hairspray and that’s it!

Now that Jennifer’s OUAT character has gone all Dark Swan, lets hope we see some chic, tricked out braids on our new Dark One.


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