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Disney DIY ~ We Scream for (Mickey) Ice Cream

We had so much fun doing our Disney Treats series last month and had so many other ideas we decided to keep the treats train going. So be on the lookout for a new, fun Disney DIY treat every month.

Ice scream, you scream, we scream for Mickey Ice Cream.

Ice Cream is a treat we all love and during the summer it’s kinda a must-have. We had such a fun time making our Mickey-themed cupcakes for July 4th, that we decided to make ice cream Mickey-themed treats for this month. When Misti was at the parks last, she noticed that the ice cream parlors will Mickey-up cones for the kids, so we decided to do the same thing.

We started with ice cream cones and melted some chocolate chips to dip and decorate. The addition of sprinkles to some of the cones just seemed like too much of a good idea to pass. We also wanted different flavor options. Here’s what we ended up with:

Mint Chocolate Chip on chocolate-dipped cones, topped with two fudge dipped mini Oreo cookies to represent Mickey Mouse ears.

Classic Vanilla on chocolate and sprinkle dipped cones, topped with mini Oreo cookies to represent Mickey Mouse ears.

Orange Cream Swirl on plain cones, topped with mini Oreo cookies to represent Mickey Mouse ears.

(We’d like to give a special shout out to Turkey Hill for making soy-free ice cream that tastes super yummy – it’s not as easy to find as one would think!)

The best part of this little ice cream fun was the Whosits and Whatits shirts that Misti found. They have mint chocolate chip cones with Mickey Mouse ears. How perfect!

Enjoy looking at the pictures, and go make some Mickey treats yourself while it’s still perfect ice cream weather! The girls certainly enjoyed the treats!

Make sure you come back next month for a treat we are SUPER excited about.

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