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Disney DIY ~ Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Happy July everyone! This month we are dedicating our Friday blog posts to DIY Disney treats, and we are kicking things off with some adorable Mickey Mouse cupcakes!

Our first challenge was adding Disney magic to our July 4th celebration.

We have our little Florida cousins visiting for a few weeks, plus all the usual family members, so we needed something that would appeal to the masses. So, naturally, we went with chocolate cupcakes. Because it’s hard to hate on chocolate.

Cousins Who Disney Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Full disclosure – we did not make homemade cupcakes for this treat. Usually, that would really bother me, but garage fire and knee surgery trumps the desire for homemade goodies. So we took on the additional challenge of making gluten free, soy free treats, so all of the family members could enjoy what we brought. Our cupcake mix is the King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix, frosted with Miss Jones Organic Chocolate Frosting.

The original plan was to add black food coloring to the frosting, to make them look more appropriate for our decorations. But, not everyone can use food colorings, so we stuck with our personal challenge to make these cupcakes friendly for all.

To turn your cupcakes into Mickey Mouse…

Cousins Who Disney Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

First start with red cupcakes liners. Bake and cool your chocolate cupcakes, then frost with your frosting of choice.  To decorate, you’re going to need Oreos and special sprinkles. Now, we have a larger group, so we opted for a selection of Oreos – each person can pick their favorite flavor. And since our cupcakes were for July 4th, we had red, white, and blue star sprinkles and the patriotic mix of M&Ms. (You could also pick red, yellow, and white M&Ms for a classic Mickey Mouse decoration.)

Cousins Who Disney Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Add your sprinkles of choice to your frosted cupcake, then push two Oreos into the frosting to make Mickey’s ears. The kids at your party will truly enjoy decorating their cupcakes – kids just seem to love adding sprinkles and candies to cupcakes. It seems to make cupcakes more fun to eat when they’ve decorated them on their own.

Now, we completely acknowledge that the gluten free members of your party will not be able to add the Oreos to their Mickey Cupcake. Honestly, we could only do so much. But you might have better luck than we did, and you might actually be able to find some gluten free round chocolate wafer cookies. That would truly be some Disney quality magic! It eluded us on our shopping trips.

Cousins Who Disney Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Overall these treats were a big hit with both the kids and the adults. As a bonus these were super easy to make and took less than 2hrs to complete (including bake time).  Stay tuned to the blog as we’ll be sharing more DIY Disney Treats all month long.

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