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Disney DIY ~ Mickey Marshmallows

It’s time again for our monthly Disney treat! This month, Misti and I decided we wanted to make something cute and yummy for all our hot drinks in the cold, harsh winter. So, we set out to make marshmallows. Misti found a recipe from Alton Brown (who has never failed us), ordered some adorable Mickey Mouse cookie cutters, and we were off!

DIY Mickey Marshmallows

Alexia joined us to document our journey with photos, while Misti filmed the entire experience. Now, cards on the table and being totally honest and all that, my kids and I have attempted marshmallows before. It was about 4 Christmases ago and we were using a special Christmas curriculum that had us making special treats each week. The treats all went splendidly, except for the marshmallows. It was a complete failure, which made me very nervous about this month’s treat. But, I had confidence in Alton’s recipe.

Overall, this treat went really well! We did have a slight hiccup, as you can see in the video, with getting the marshmallows out of the pan. However, we think we know the reason for the problem. We ran out of counter space at one point and had to put the pan in the microwave to make more room. The pan was left there overnight, and we think that maybe caused the problem, since they were supposed to be uncovered overnight. The moral of the story – make sure you follow all the directions!

DIY Mickey Marshmallows

I would definitely recommend trying this recipe! The marshmallows were actually pretty easy to make, and they are so yummy! They also look super adorable floating on top of your hot cocoa!

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