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Disney DIY ~ Alice in Wonderland Cookies

It’s week #2 of our Disney DIY Treats Month! Welcome to our wonderful adventures in sugar cookies.

Here’s the story:

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cookies

We decided that week #2 was going to be cookies, so we set out to find the perfect cookie cutters to inspire us.

Now, I used to have a ton of cookie cutters in my garage – literally a 3-gallon storage tub full of different cutters. Including some cute Disney ones, and some animal sets and ocean themed sets. A plethora of cookie cutters to inspire us to glory. But, then the garage fire happened. Moving on!

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cookies

We hit up Amazon to look for inspiration from their cookie-cutter selection and found the perfect set. A Disney font alphabet set that gave us the absolutely adorable idea to create all of our names in Disney font. It was going to be perfect!

The cutters arrived, we made and chilled the dough, we rolled the dough to the perfect thickness, and disaster. The cutters didn’t release the dough. After multiple attempts, some angry words directed at inanimate objects, and a couple of youtube videos later, we realized we needed a new plan.

As it turns out, the cookie cutters we ordered were actually “fondant stamps and cookie cutters”, but we think the “cookie cutters” label was added just to sell the item.

“Curiouser and curiouser.” – Alice

So we sat, frustrated, eating raw sugar cookie dough (yum!) and trying to come up with a new plan without any cookie cutters, we started to wander my kitchen to look for something that could be used as a cookie-cutter. We found a set of fluted round biscuit cutters and a ravioli stamp. And with that, we had a new idea!

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cookies

We present to you our Alice in Wonderland inspired sugar cookies. Our small round cutter we used to make the Cheshire Cat inspired cookies. Our large round cutter and square ravioli stamp were used to make Alice’s Eat Me cookies, which caused her to grow and grow and grow!

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cookies

These turned out to be a lot of fun, and are delicious!

Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cookies

So go find your favorite sugar cookie recipe (we used Alton Brown’s) and search for an item in your kitchen that you can repurpose into a cookie cutter. Share your pics with us – we’d love to see your results!

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