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Disney DIY – Disney Parks Spiced Almonds

Welcome to Week #3 of Disney treats! One of our favorite things that we tried when we were at Disney World was the spiced almonds.

They are cinnamon-y and smell amazing and are served warm and they are just the best!

So, in honor of Disneyland’s birthday this week, we decided that we would attempt to make them. And thanks to The Disney Chef, we were able to make the actual recipe. However, we also wanted to try some different flavors, so we put our own twist on it.

Disney Spiced Almonds

We started with a double batch of the classic cinnamon almonds because they are so amazing and delicious. And we love cinnamon. And we wanted to share it with some friends. Then we prepped another batch and split it in half to add some flavors. To one half we added cocoa powder, instead of cinnamon. Because, seriously, who doesn’t like chocolate! To the other half, we added both cocoa and half the amount of cinnamon.

Pro Tip: If you only have one sheet pan with a lip on it, pull a kitchen MacGyver by using aluminum foil as a divider. Boom problem solved.

Disney Spiced Almonds

Here’s what we learned by making our own flavors – if you do half batches, do not cook the almonds as long as the recipe says to. Take them out of the oven after 40 minutes, instead of 50. Also, don’t use pre-separated egg whites, unless you’re like really good a math and figuring out volumes. The ending resulting will still taste amazing but won’t have the same look to the ones in the park.

Disney Spiced Almonds

Also, we seriously recommend making these! They were a big hit with everyone, but be warned we had some serious self-control issues and just wanted to snack on them all day. These are also pretty easy to make, and your house will smell amazing.

Disney Spiced Almonds

No, really, absolutely amazing!

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