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Discover a Whole New Foundation #EmbraceYourFace

One of my favorite aspects about a new season is that its a great time to update and change things out.  This applies to everything from skincare to shoes to your wardrobe and of course your makeup.

I always wear a different foundation during the fall/winter months than I do during spring and summer.  Besides the obvious shade differences, I also need a different formula. Winter calls for a foundation that is a tad heavier and will help combat the hard winter wind. Spring I usually go for super light like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, however as I get older I’ve noticed that I need a tad more coverage during the warmer months.

I’ve found shopping for foundation is almost as bad as shopping for jeans and swimsuits, there are so many brands, formulas, shades, its hard to know where to start.  COVERGIRL understands this and now has the Embrace Your Face Foundation Tool.  With just a few clicks, you’ll get the answer to the age old question “Which foundation is right for me?”.

Step 1: What is your ideal coverage?

Step 1: What is your ideal coverage?


Step 2: What is your skin like?


Step 3: What is your end goal with foundation?


Step 4: What is your skin tone like i.e. are you fair like Snow White or a bronze goddess?

Turns out that my recommend formula is the Clean Oil Control, a foundation that helps to absorb oil throughout the day to keep my skin looking the radiant but not like it just met up with an oil slick.

My new foundation!!

My new foundation!!

Give it a try at Covergirl.com and stay turned for more makeup tips and tricks as we move into spring and welcome the much needed warmer months!

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