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Day 2 & 3 at Cosmoprof North America

After day 1 of Cosmoprof, day 2 felt like a piece of cake and while day 3 was such a rush. We had a general idea of the layout, we knew where we needed to go and most importantly where the coffee was. We also had a full schedule of brands to talk to.


Stop 1: LightStim

Our first stop of the day was with LightStim. LightStim is all about LED light therapy for reducing wrinkles, acne, even pain with each of their hand held wands targets a different issue. The best part about this product is there is now down time and it only takes 30-minutes each night. So basically while I’m watching Modern Family or Big Bang Theory, I can start targeting those pesky wrinkles that are popping up.

Stop 2: SKINN Cosmetics

Created by ​a professional makeup artist, Skinn Cosmetics focuses on providing consumers with a quality product, not in creating expensive packaging, and pack their products fill of active ingredients, instead of fillers. We saw first hand the high quality and creaminess of the products and can’t wait to try them out!

Stop 3: Ittse Cosmetics

It is true that we love a good palette, however like most people, we only end up using just a few shades. Thankfully Ittse has come on the scene with their build it yourself palette. You can choose the eyeshadow, brow, blush, and face shades that YOU want and put them in a super chic magnetic palette. This is perfect for travel as you can build your palette at home for your travel destination, plus everything is super affordable.

Stop 4: Doll Face Beauty

​We fell in love with the Doll Face Beauty booth, which was made to look like your girlfriends living room. Made with the instant gratification that us Millennials thirst for, this beauty brand not only gives you quick results, but the packaging is so cute, you’re sure to display the bottles on your vanity. While we were there, we were introduced to the Pretty Puff which is made from Natural Konjac and will gently exfoliate your skin without any harsh chemicals and preservatives.


Day 3

Stop 1: Essie

On the last day of Cosmoprof we had a limited amount of time, since it was the day we were leaving. We knew we had to make a quick stop at Essie and freshen up our mani’s before we jet-setted back to New York. They were nice enough to squeeze us in and introduce us to the new Silk Watercolor line. These polishes are transparent and buildable, allowing you to literally create a piece of art. Our nail tech Rachel used “Penny Loafer” as a base color, instead of “White Page” for a more dramatic and sophisticated look, layering strokes of the 8 watercolors to create a true masterpiece. We received numerous compliments and are looking forward to all the other combinations we can make.


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