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Cuddle Up with Your Boo and Sip On These Valentines Day Cocktails

Valentines Day is just a few days away and nothing gets the night started like a good cocktail and since chocolate is the standard gift to give on V-Day, why not make it a nice smooth chocolate cocktail with the use of GODIVA Chocolate Liqueur. These cocktails are super rich and decadent, perfect for sharing with that special someone.

GODIVA Chocolate Martini

Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz GODIVA Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Liqueur 3/4 oz CIROC Vodka GODIVA Chocolate Truffle for Garnish

Ideal Serving Glass: Martini Glass


Combine your GODIVA Liqueur of choice with CIROC Vodka in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain contents into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with your favorite GODIVA chocolate truffle.

Hot Chocolate Love Affair

Created by NYC Mixologist Lauren Davis

Ingredients: 1 1/4 oz GODIVA Dark Chocolate Liqueur 3/4 oz Zacapa Rum

1/3 oz Simple Syrup

Hot Water to Top

Whipped Cream for Garnish


Pour GODIVA Dark Chocolate Liqueur, Zacapa Rum and simple syrup into a mug and stir. While stirring, top with hot water. Top with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Ideal Serving Glass:


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