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Creating an at Home #SpaMoment

Visiting a day spa is one of my great joys in life.  Nothing is better than entering a totally zen atmosphere, drinking citrus infused water, and have someone buff away all the stress, dirt, and impurities from your body.  My only issue is that it costs a pretty penny to get this experience.

Well now, the good folks at Suave have a new line of products infused with sea minerals that will get you that spa moment from the comfort of your home AND it costs less than most bottles of wine.

So how do I create a spa moment at home?

1. Start off with the atmosphere, I love dimming the lights in my bath room and light tons of candles. My favorite this time of year is the Nest Fragrances Beach Scented Candle, it reminds me that spring is (hopefully) right around the corner.  While the candles are lit, I allow the shower to get all nice and warm.

2. While the candles are creating a peaceful, soothing scent and the shower is warming, do a little pre-treatment of dry brushing.  Dry brushing is so important but yet so many people tend to forget it about.  Suave Professionals Celebrity Esthetician, Joanna Vargas showed me how using a dry brush BEFORE getting any kind of body treatment preps the skin by getting the blood moving and getting dry skin cells ready to be removed.  True if might feel a little rough at first but man will your skin feel smooth and have a nice healthy glow afterword.

3. Once your ready to actually start buffing away at your skin (for me its while my hair conditioner is doing its magic), lather up your body puff of choice with with the new Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Exfoliating Body Wash or Purifying Body Wash.  I personally alternate between the two since I have really sensitive skin in the winter but the exfoliating body wash is super gentle if you want to use it everyday.

4. As soon as you hope out of your shower and start to dry off apply a good amount of Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Body Lotion, studies have shown that your body starts to loose moisture within 5-minutes of finishing a shower/bath, so you want to make sure you get as much moisture in as soon as possible.  I like to keep my bottle on the sink for super easy access.

5. Finish off your at home spa moment by spending the rest of the day in a fluffy robe drinking mint tea and munching on cookies.  After all you deserve it.

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