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Comic-Con 2015: The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead

AMC is going all out with the un-dead based off what we saw during both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Comic-Con panels.

Up first was The Walking Dead. The trailer for season 6 (which kicks off in October) looks to pick-up almost right where season 5 left off, which Rick going all out crazy and bringing back the “Rickatorship”.  The new season will open with an extended 90-minute episode with Talking Dead premiering right after.


Chris Hardwick will host a special season 6 preview episode of Talking Dead on August 23rd at 8pm which will lead right into Fear the Walking Dead.


The TWD spin-off will kick of at 9pm on August 23rd. AMC finally debuted the first full length trailer after releasing several teasers over the last few months. FTWD will take place in the early months of the outbreak in Los Angeles, showing more of how society broke-down.  First thoughts after seeing the trailer…it looks intense and super creepy.

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