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Comic-Con 2015: Once Upon A Time’s “Dark Swan” is Coming

Nerds, we are just a few short days from Comic-Con and ABC is once again giving us a little sneak peak at an SDCC exclusive, this time in the form of the new season 5 poster for Once Upon A Time. 


The season 5 premiere will kick off right where the season 4 finale left off, the Emma Swan taking on the powers of the Dark One in order to save Regina. This means the reformed Evil Queen, Henry, true love Hook, and her parents will be in charge of hunting down Merlin in order to break the Dark One curse once and for all.

When asked about the new big baddie, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis had this to say: “As formidable as Emma was as a hero, she’s going to be exponentially more dangerous as a villain. I hope our fanbase reacts well—it seems like a large segment is very worried!”

“The Dark Swan” will premiere on Sunday, September 27 at 8pm ET on ABC and if you’re attending SDCC, their panel will happen on Saturday, July 11 at 10am in Ballroom 20.

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