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Comic-Con 2015: Once Upon A Time is Going Brave

We already knew Once Upon A Time was heading to Camelot thanks to the gang’s newfound quest to find Merlin in order to vanquish the darkness from Emma but someone else from the Disney world popped up in the hit ABC’s drama Comic-Con panel, Merida from the hit Pixar/Disney film Brave.


While we don’t yet know just how the skilled red-headed archer is going to be incorporated into the show, it is exciting to see this Disney heroine make her way onto the small screen.

Most of the panel talked about Emma and her new role as the Dark Swan with actress Jennifer Morrison saying “I’m really excited. As an actor to start season five of a show doing something brand new is exciting… now I get to try something totally new and different and get to have the fun that these guys are having (referring to Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle. There is some fun to the villainy, I’ve spent the whole hiatus digging out my thoughts about it… Emma went through a lot in her life, she’s always tried to be a good person and now she’s tethered to the darkness she’s free of that. I feel like she’s going to face some of the darkness and figure out how to overcome it and not just suppress it.”

Attendees got to see their first real look at Emma as the Dark One in a clip that showed a caged Emma, showing off the standard Dark One glitter skin) surprising a servant “They said you were a monster,” says the servant,  “Only on the inside,” is Emma’s response before she pulls a move straight out of the Evil Queen playbook and rips out then crushes his heart.


Other topics discussed during the panel was the fact that the 5th season will also mark the shows 100th episode.

“We want to make it very special, and we want the 100th episode to be our spring premiere. “We’re hard at work trying to not tell you anything.” said co-creator/executive producer Adam Horowitz.

The idea of doing a musical episode was once again brought up and while Adam and Eddie didn’t flat out shoot the idea down, in fact they seemed very much up for the challenge, its a matter of figuring out where to begin.

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