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Christmas Cookies, Stars Wars Style

A few weeks ago, Jon said he wanted to make some decorated Christmas sugar cookies this year since we haven’t done that in a very long time.

 I thought it was a great idea, so we picked a date to spend making cookies. I have a rather ridiculous amount of cookie cutters. Everything from a giant acorn (don’t even know why) to a selection of sea creatures I made for my son and his friends when they were 5 or 6. And the Christmas themed cutters – the 12 days of Christmas, a nativity themed set, and more. Like I said, ridiculous.

The date for making cookies rolls around, and the date we picked was this past Sunday, December 17 aka Star Wars weekend. Making cookies on Star Wars weekend in our very geeky family. How could we possibly spend our time making stocking and tree-shaped Christmas cookies, when it was Star Wars weekend. Did I mention I also have three sets of Star Wars cookie cutters?


Our Sunday afternoon was spent making Christmas sugar cookies (we used this recipe from Alton Brown, it’s so good and pretty easy, which is key) in the shape of all things Star Wars. 


Sprinkles were used quite nicely to aid in decorating some. We made buttercream frosting also, but honestly, who wants to cover up Darth Vader or the Death Star with frosting? 


So, that’s how we celebrated Star Wars and Christmas. Now I need a new set of cutters with BB-8 and a Porg. Williams-Sonoma, please get on that!

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