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Blogger Truth! Fact vs. Fiction


I love being a blogger. Blogging allows me to have a creative outlet that is mine and no one else’s. I’ve been blogging for around 6-years now and let me tell you the hussle does not slow down one bit; in fact I think the longer you do this sometimes the harder it gets. One thing in particlar that I love about blogging is the fact I get to work from home. There are distractions at time in the home, but when you know that you can’t make any excuses to not do your work, then it becomes a lot easier. Recently, I have started to redecorate my home office, which I am so excited about. A friend of mine recommended as well as decorating it, I will need some new supplies to fit the new aesthetic. She was definitely right. So she recommended I looked into a company like Office Monster, where I know I will be able to find everything I am looking for to complete the look. I cannot wait for it to be finished. Anyway, I get asked a lot of questions about being a blogger or people just assume being a blogger leads to a certain way of life. So to all you young bloggers out there or to anyone that is just curious, this is for you, I present Blogger Fact vs. Fiction.

FICTION: All the beauty products you feature were gifted or are sponsored in some way.

FACT: I would say maybe 10% of the beauty products featured on the blog were gifted or sponsored, everything else was purchased by me. It’s no joke that I have VIB Rouge membership at Sephora or that my Nordstrom card is basically used for more pricey beauty purchases. Being a beauty blogger means that a lot of the time if I want to try the latest and greatest, I have to pony up the cash myself.

FICTION: A blogger’s closet is fully stocked with free clothes, shoes, and handbags.

FACT: Just like with makeup, most of my wardrobe is stocked and paid for my me. I would in this case, less than 5% of the clothing was gifted. I’m a non-sample size plus size blogger, which means I can’t even borrow clothes for my style pics. In order to keep up I buy a few new pieces every couple of weeks from various plus size retailers. The joy about not wearing gifted looks all the time is that I stay true to my style. Some of my favorite places are SimplyBe, Lane Bryant, and Eloquii.

FICTION: Bloggers go to the hottest parties and events all the time.

FACT: Here is the truth about parties and events. Yes, they are fun and I love learning about new products, but I don’t go all the time. Since I have a day job, all my blogging is done on the weekend or at night, which is when most of the events and parties are. Therefore I try to limit myself to 2-3 per week, otherwise I would get nothing done on the site.


FICTION: Bloggers Jet-Set to the best places.

FACT: This is partially true. There such things as press trips, which are amazing and when you go on them you feel #blessed. In my case most of the travel you see me blogging, tweeting, or snapping about are just my own little adventures that I paid out of pocket for. I love to travel and I love to share those adventures with everyone, that is what makes blogging so special.

FICTION: Days are filled with lunches and photoshoots.

FACT: Now each blogger is different. Those who blog full time I’m sure have photo shoots during the day and business lunches. But I know several people who blog and even freelance write full time and guess what, most of their days are filled sitting in front of a laptop blogging in loungewear (or PJ’s, not gonna judge). I myself have a full time day job, so that is what I do during the 8-6pm hours.

FICTION: Blogging is easy.

FACT: Blogging, at least to me, is hard work. If it wasn’t for sites like https://www.hostiserver.com/, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. I wouldn’t have been able to post this. There are so many things that people don’t tell you, like needing a web host to activate your blog or about paid advertisements. A lot of aspects of blogging is pretty much self taught, but through this, I did manage to learn a lot more.

True some days are easier than others, but a lot of love and hard work goes into each post I write. It’s easy to get creatively blocked and struggle to come up with ideas. I recently re-branded the whole blog which was a risk and took even more time and energy. BUT I can’t see myself giving it up. I love sharing my thoughts whether it’s about the latest beauty trend, my latest style look, or even geeking out about Once Upon A Time or Captain America. I love talking to my readers on Twitter and sharing BTS of the life on Snapchat. Just be prepared to work for it.

There you have, some fact vs. fiction about blogging. Still got questions? Leave them in the comment box below or hit me up on Twitter @mistimichellexo. Now onto the outfit details!!

Dress: Otis Design College x Lane Bryant (sold out, similar here)// Shoes: KEDS // Handbag: Madewell (borrowed from my trusty phototag Jenna) // Sunnies: Oscar de la Renta (similar here)


Images: Jenna Duffy

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