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Betsey Johnson Spring 2016 #NYFW

It’s Betsey Johnson’s world and we are all just living in it.

Dedicated to her dance teacher Ann K. Prim, Betsey took us through her version of five decades of fashion, broken out into six mini collections. Each collection was introduced with a NYFW nursery rhyme narrated by Betsey herself.

Models danced their way down the runway to some of the best songs of the decades while sporting looks that ranged from bright and glittery to punk rock to the rainbow loving hippie-dippie 70’s.

The last collection was basically a modern spin on dance costumes we all wore as children including tracks from the best of Broadway. It was this last collection where you could feel the love Betsey has for Ann K. Prim.

The show ended as it also does, with Betsey doing her signature cartwheel/splits combo followed by a balloon filled finale walk.

Front row included the legendary Debbie Harry, stylist June Ambrose, reality show star EJ Johnson, SIA music video star Maddie Zeigler, and of course Ann K. Prim.

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