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#BeautyLust NARs Hot Sand Collection

A few years back I was introduced to the Hot Sand illuminator from NARs and it was life changing. I use it almost everyday as it provides just the perfect amount of highlighting. This is why I’m so happy NARs is expanding its Hot Sand collection.

The new collection (available on March 1st) now includes a Hot Sand lip gloss, which is like a perfect spring/summer nude shade, a Hot Sand/Orgasam Blush combo, Hot Sand/Laguna Bronzer combo and of course a Hot Sand Multiple Stick.

So why is this a beauty lust? Hot Sand is a perfect peach color and works for just about every skin tone. I personally am able to use year round which is rare because not everything looks good on use pale girls during the winter months once the tan has faded. The last two weeks I’m found myself really using the multiple stick and the Hot Sand/Laguna combo. The multiple stick works great as a quick cream eyeshadow, but I also use it over my foundation (pre-powder) on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose then I go back over those sections with the powder version. It is seriously the best for a quickie makeup routine.

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