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Beach Glow on the Go

One of the perks of the summer is getting that beach glow. You know the one, where your hair is perfectly wavy and textured, skin is dewy and bronze, and your face has just the perfect sun kissed glow. So how does one keep this glow while on the go or even year round? This is the conundrum I am looking to solve this summer.


Beach Glow Hair

Keeping one’s hair in the perfect state of “beach awesomeness” is a labor of love. I have tried it all (no really I have a dedicated “summer hair” bin). Now I do believe I have somewhat found a few new products that are doing the trick.

  1. OAUI Wave Spray – This is perfect for any hair that needs texture and wave. I usually spray it all over towel dried hair. Just make sure to shake the bottle well before applying.

  2. Alterna Bamboo Beach BB Hair Balm – This 5-in-1 balm does it all: hydration, frizz control, shine, UV protection, and light hold.  I have been using this AFTER I apply the wave spray.

  3. Original & Mineral Surf Bomb – This is my post blow dry application. I put a light spritz all over to give my hair a little more wave and texture.

  4. Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray Protective Shine Veil – I spritz this on for added shine and UVA/UVB protection for my color processed locks.


Summertime really drys out my skin, I am also super fare so I try to keep myself exfoliated and stocked on sunscreen as much as possible. I also try to avoid laying out to tan but no one wants to look like Casper so I’ll take any help I can get with adding a natural looking bronze glow to my body.

Beach Glow Body
  1. Cheeky Strut Body Polish – Trust the waxing experts at European Wax Center to provide a perfect exfoliator. I use this about 2-3x a week to make sure my arms and legs are silky smooth and free of dry spots.

  2. Marlowe Body Lotion – Post shower and exfoliation I slather myself in this lotion. Not only is it super hydrating but it’s not greasy and absorbs really fast.

  3. Australian Gold Sunscreen with Kona Bronzer – Sun protection is a must. This one from Australian Gold not only provides great SPF coverage but also makes me smell like a tropical vacation AND has an instant bronzer for some added colour.

  4. Too Faced Royal Oil – This is like a 2-in-1. My body gets a lovely bronze tint and thanks to the coconut oil and antioxidant-rich Mangosteen fruit my skin stays nice and conditioned. As bonus this oil adjusts to all skin tones so you don’t need to worry about it coming as too dark.


Since NYC is so hot and humid in the summer I avoid wearing tons of foundations. Instead I turn to hydrated balms, mattifying powders and highlighters to give me that summer glow.

Beach Glow Face
  1. StriVectin Repair & Protect Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – This is my new favorite daily moisturizer as it gives my sensitive skin a good amount of hydration and the all important SPF coverage.

  2. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow – I tend not to wear a ton of makeup in the summer, one of the reasons I keep coming back to the Wonder Glow is I can wear it sans foundation if I want not have to worry about a ton of imperfections showing.

  3. SOAP & GLORY One Heck of a Blot – I use this power for everything from setting foundations to just controlling the mid-day shine.

  4. Fiona Stiles Bronzing Sun Veil – I am willing to wager that this could give Hoola a run for it’s money. I love that it’s matte as I hate added a ton of shimmer to my summer look, plus the pigment is next level so a little bit goes a long way.

  5. NYX Strobe of Genius Palette – The key to a good summer beach glow is the highlighting. This palette from NYX gives not one but seven different highlighting shades so you can create the perfect glow for your skintone. PS – The lavender shade is a thing of beauty.

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