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Aussie and #ShitGirlsSay Want You to #DitchTheDrama

It’s been way too long since we’ve seen the hilarious truth from Graydon Sheppard and Shit Girls Say. That all ends now. Graydon has new video up and its speaking the truth y’all.

Teaming up with hair brand Aussie, this all new video is all about the hair drama us ladies deal with on an everyday basis. To frizzy, no volume, too much curl, not enough curl, and lord help you if you get our hair wet.  It’s all covered and it the best, most hilarious way possible.

According to the Aussie #Hairprobs Survey Women run late an average of one day per week due to hair drama (very true), Women spend 20 minutes per day on their hair, translating to a full work week each year, AND 40% of women under 40 cried at least once over their hair in the past six months.

Well ladies, get ready to #DitchTheDrama as Aussie is launching the new Total Miracle 7N1 Collection, a shampoo, conditioner and the brand’s first-ever dry shampoo, providing 7 benefits.

The Total Miracle 7N1 Collection is available now and I’ll have a full review up soon.  Till then, tell us how you plan to #DitchTheDrama in the comments below or on Twitter at @entertainista.

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