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And the Project Runway Season 14 Winner is…

***Warning this recap contains spoilers – if you have not seen the season 14 finale of Project Runway, do not read, turn around and just walk away!! For the rest of you, go ahead and click below to to read away!***

Another round of wanna-be designers, forced to insane design challenges in an unreasonable amount time otherwise known as Project Runway has come to a close. After weeks of WAY too many unconventional-ish challenges, tears, and some wacked out designs, the judges have done their contractual duty and selected a winner. But did they choose the right winner? Let’s discuss.

First, congrats are in order to one Ashley Tipton who presented Project Runway’s first (and most likely only) plus-size collection to claim the top prize.

A total of four designers landed a ticket to NYFW: Ashley, Edmond, Kelly, and Candice. However, the real race was between Kelly’s Studio 54 inspired collection and Ashley’s Mexico City in the 50’s inspired collection. It was very clear from the judges required preview that Candice’s gothic costume and Edmonds “ruffles have ridges” collections, they were just being include to give the appearance of a fair race.

It was during said review (last week’s episode) that I had a gut feeling Ashley was going to take home the top prize since the only real criticism she got was to watch her fit and to pay a little more attention to detail, that was it. Kelly was told to add more glitter while Edmond and Candice were basically told they needed new collections. So did Ashley deserve her win?

  1. Ashley’s collection was the most cohesive. A cohesive collection doesn’t have to be matchy matchy but it has to tie together somehow. Ashley managed to do this by keeping everything in soft pastels, using lace, and adding flowers when appropriate.

  2. It was the most ready to wear. At the end of the day, a collection needs to sell, otherwise you won’t go far as a designer. While Ashley might have used plus-size models on the runway, all of her designs can easily be made for all sizes, which these days is important and buyers will notice that.

  3. It was a true plus-size collection. I disagree with Nina who said it was brave to show off the tighter, more figure hugging pieces as well as crop tops. If it’s not brave when a size 4 girl does it, then it shouldn’t be brave when a size 24 girl does. This was the first time in Project Runway history that plus-size girls walked the runway, so that in of itself was refreshing.

At the end of the day, Ashley was the clear winner when you take everything into consideration and yes, while I’m sure there are way more politics involved in why she one over the others, who cares. A freaking plus-size designer won and that in of itself is something to celebrate.

So again, I say congrats to Ms. Ashley and I cannot wait to purchase looks from your future collection.

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