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A Weekend with Mederma and Dress for Success

A few weeks back I (along with Nicole) embarked on a journey for something I have NEVER done before..a 5K walk. Now you might be thinking “um, Misti, a 5K walk is just walking for 3 miles, no big deal.”. Well you’d be right this wouldn’t normally be a big deal but as anyone who’s kept up with my workout woes knows, any kind of cardio is my downfall in life. So why was I willing to break a sweat for a 5K, well because this 5K walk supported a great cause, Dress of Success.

Nicole and I were invited to walk as part of Team Mederma (a sponsor for the event), and I couldn’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t want to do. I’ve been using Mederma for years to help lessen the looks of my knee surgery scars and Dress for Success is a charity I 100% support. It was a no brainer.

The weekend started the night before with an overnight stay the Empire Hotel. Now, Nicole and I don’t get many staycations so we made it a fun Girls Night In. After dinner at The Smith, we drank wine, and did some DIY facials and manicures and of course lots of girl talk.

The day of the walk kicked off with a hearty breakfast with LOTS of coffee and then we were off. The walk was taking place on the Upper West Side at Riverside Park. I was a gloomy day but I didn’t mind that so much as it was better than roasting to death under the hot hot sun.

It is amazing how fast walking 3 miles can go when you are surrounded by amazing people. All the gals from Team Mederma were amazing and we managed to complete the walk in under an hour. Our little weekend was coming to close and my next agenda item for the day was a nap.

To learn more about Dress for Success please visit www.dressforsuccess.org and keep an eye out for a list of my favorite products from Mederma to use during the summer.

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