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5 Reasons To Pick Up The Royal We

Are you Royals obsessed? Do you watch everything Kate Middleton does with a passion? Have you had dreams of marrying Prince Harry?  Well then, you need to run (not walk) to your nearest bookstore and get the new novel The Royal We. Written by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, the brilliant minds behind Go Fug Yourself, The Royal We is romantic, sassy, and will make you want to move to England.

Need more convincing?  Here are my top reasons on why The Royal We should be your latest binge read.

1. Prince Freddie is the sibling we all want.  Sure he is full of himself at times and is always getting into trouble, but I dare you to find someone who will always have your back no matter what.

2. Nick & Bex is the couple you will always cheer for (much like Prince William and Kate). The relationship downs will make you want to cry but their loving, playfulness will always put a smile on your face.

3. The Bex Brigade. Because lets face it, we all want someone doing our hair and makeup at times. It is the dream people.

4. The Coucherator needs to be real because along with the Bex Brigade, the dream also includes being able to binge watch anything on Netflix and not leave the couch for Diet Coke or Wine.

5. The witty charms that only Jessica and Heather can give us.  The same reason why we love Go Fug Yourself for entertaining quips on Kanye’s outbursts, the craziness of Figure Skating costumes, and sassy show recaps is the why reading The Royal We should be a no brainer.

The Royal We is available at Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide now.

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