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5 Bras All Women Need Heading into Summer

Bras are a necessary evil us ladies must deal with and as we head into the spring and summer seasons, I have found there are at last 5 different bra styles I need in order to make the items in my wardrobe work.

Now, before you go online and start buying all the bras to your hearts content, your first step should be to GO GET FITTED!! Being properly measured and fitted for a bra is super important to ensure a good fit. The last thing you want is uni-boob from a bra that is too small or droopy boobs from a too big model. Since I 90% of the time my bras from from Cacique, I get fitted at my local Lane Bryant store, however any decent intimates store will be able to measure you.

1. No Wire Bra or the “I’m on my period” bra.  Yep, I keep this style on hand for that time of the month when my breasts get a little bigger and underwires become even more annoying then usual. This specific style is also a cooling bra which means it helps to wick away moisture that can lead to those annoying under-boob rashes and keep you cool in the summer heat.

2. Strapless/Multiway Bra. Yes, I know strapless bras can be annoying as bras themselves but really there is no getting around them when you want to wear that super cute strapless maxi dress or romper, or if you have a spaghetti strap top that you’ve been dying to wear all season. Getting one that is multiway is perfect for when you need a razor back or halter style bra.

3. Balconette Bra or what I call my everyday tee-shirt bra.  This style perfect for tee-shirts, wide-strap dresses and tanks, and really just about anything. Get multiple shades (or just multiples of a neutral color), trust me it will come in handy to have so many extras when you can’t find your lingerie washing bag.

4. Full-Coverage Bra is a bra I reserve for nights when I know I’m going somewhere that is going to have the air conditioner blowing full blast i.e. movie theaters. Why? Because I don’t have to have a nippy exposure through my shirt, thats why.

5. Something A Little Sexy for those days when I’m feeling a little saucy. Sure it might just be for a day full of meetings but sometimes there is no better feeling then wearing sexy as hell lingerie under your business meeting pieces.

images via © Colicaranica | Dreamstime.com / Lane Bryant

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