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4 TV Shows That #BendTheRules Inspired by HP x360

I am always on the go which means that sometimes I rely on digital streaming to catch (or just re-watch) some of my favorite shows. This means I need a serious laptop that not only makes watching these shows easy but also gives me a clear picture and awesome sound.

Enter in the HP x360, this laptop has it all from a clear and large display screen to sound from BeatsAudio.  The best part however is the four modes this laptop can be used in.  This machine clearly knows how to #BendTheRules when it comes to laptops.  I’ve partnered with HP to tell you what shows am I currently catching up on or re-watching that also know how to bend the rules a little bit?

First up is Scandal. I mean by now if you’re not watching this amazing political-ish drama then I don’t know what rock you’re living under. Creator Sonda Rhimes is known for breaking the rules in TV land and with Scandal she opened viewers up to the world of the high-profile “fixers” that clean up the messes of Capitol Hill’s elite.

HP X360 in Stand Mode

I’m a nerd at heart so I was kinda bummed that I never got on the Chuck bandwagon when it was still on the air. Thankfully all 5 seasons are available to stream online so I can binge watch to my hearts content.  This show was a total rule bender when it debuted back in 2007.  This was before the nerd revolution that was kick started by Marvel with Iron Man and long before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a glimmer in Marvel Studio’s eyes.  Chuck managed to blend the world of nerds with spies while plus managed to survive the writers strike.

HP x360 in Tablet Mode

I’ll admit that I fell off the New Girl wagon after the first season.  It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy this fun, fresh faced comedy it was just that my DVR could only hold and record so many shows. However, I saw the errors of my ways and am now catching up (from the beginning) online. Well most wouldn’t find this show rule bending, I do.  Jess is not your typical leading lady, making the fact this still remains a top comedy a total bend the rules moment.

HP x360 in Laptop Mode

Finally, there is Once Upon a Time. If any show on TV had a blend the rules moment it was this one. Series creator’s Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (Lost) took the most popular fairy tales and bent the rules with the characters and their stories. The result was brilliant. Their take on everyone Snow White to Peter Pan to The Wizard of Oz and most recently Frozen has been genius and amazing.  The twists and turns they take give characters we thought we knew brand new layers that (in most cases) make us love them more.

HP x360 in Tent Mode

Another person that bends the rule is Top 40 artist Meghan Trainor. HP is partnering with Meghan and the That Bass tour to bring you all the BTS details which can be found here. In fact, HP helped bring Meghan’s latest video “Lips Are Moving” to life (which you can watch below).

What TV shows do you watch that you think know how to #BendTheRules?  Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter via @entertainista and #BendTheRules.

While this post is sponsored, I really do use the HP x360. All opinions are my own. 

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