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2020 EPCOT Cookie Stroll #disneyathome

One of the events we look forward to now during the Holiday season at Disney World is the Epcot Cookie Stroll. Misti has done it for the past two years and was sad that she was going to miss the 2020 year.

So because we're crazy and stuck at home, we decided to recreate ALL the Epcot Cookie Stroll cookies at home..all 6 of them: Chocolate Crinkle, Linzer, Peppermint Pinwheel, Gingerbread Men, Black & White, and classic Sugar.

Misti spent a month planning it out, then we used the weekend she would've been at Disney World as the weekend to bake them!

4 days, an insane amount of butter, all our patience, and over 120 cookies later we did it. We made all the Epcot Cookie Stroll cookies. Some turned out better than others, but overall we are super proud of ourselves for completing this. And we found some new favorite cookies along the way (looking at you Black & White and Lizner).

This turned out to be a kinda-fun family activity and even if you don't want to make all of them, I highly suggest making some of these with your friends and family. You can find all links to all the recipes we used (minus the pinwheel cookies as we did not like the final result of those cookies) below. Let us know what creative ways y'all are bringing some Disney magic to your house this holiday season!

Chocolate Crinkle


Note: Reduce jam on the stovetop for about 10-mins, otherwise the jam will spread too much when sandwiched together.

Gingerbread Men

Classic Sugar

Black & White

Note: We suggest adding around 3-4 tsp. of milk to the icing for better consistency.

Peppermint (sorta) Pinwheel

Here we suggest just using the classic sugar recipe, dividing the dough in half, add red gel food coloring, and about 3/4 tsp. of peppermint extract to one half. Then stack the dough (red on top), roll, and chill. Then follow the baking instructions on the sugar cookie recipe.

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